Best Cars for the Money 2010

Maybe the dust is settling. After a year of bankruptcies, massive recalls, brand shutdowns and Cash for Clunkers, the storms that have tossed the automotive industry may be blowing out. The recovery may be fragile and patchy, but it’s there.

Amid all the industry turmoil, it’s easy to forget about the spark that drives the car industry: consumers. After being battered with enough industry news to drown even the most perceptive analyst, car shoppers are still left with one question: which car should I buy?

Editor’s Note: Since announcing the 2010 awards, two winners – the Toyota Sequoia and Camry – have been recalled for a serious safety concern. It remains to be seen what impact the problem will have on resale values and maintenance costs on a long-term basis for these and other Toyota models. For more information, including what the recall means for our rankings, and what you should do if you own one of the affected vehicles, visit our Toyota Recall page.

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